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I am just a human, learning how to live in this crazy world. I love watching people develop though their art! I like steampunk, gothic art, photography, all kinds of writing... music, and life!....
I mainly write, poetry, prose, lots of things that come into my mind. If you have any questions you are welcome to write and ask me!... remember to have a great day, every day!


Healing is a process, it takes time.
When the skin is wounded, the first step is to clean.

You clean the skin from impurities,
you take care not to let it fester,
after some time, you need to throw away the bondage,
to throw away everything that is not needed anymore.
taking all that you thought you needed from someone,
and letting it all go.

After cleaning the wound, time comes for patching up,
depending on how deep the wound is it needs stitches or just a small band aid.
In some cases, it takes stitches, crazy glue, new skin and all your will power.
If a heart is shattered to pieces,
you have to find the pieces that fit, then glue them or stitch.

Then comes the time where the body does what it needs to do to heal,
the wound can change colors,
from "rage" green, to "cried my eyes out" red,
from "I took a punch" purple, to "this is not my skin" white.

It takes its time, it hurts,
and sometimes, when you do something wrong,
or when you let someone touch the wound before its completely healed,
it hurts again, oh and how it hurts!
and sometimes if this touch was too early or too deep,
the wounds get ripped open again.
And you have to start all over...

eventually the wounds do heal.
Deep wounds, leave scars,
those are reminders,
signs to remind you how much it hurt.

Yes, most scars remind you of pain you try to forget.
But, if your wound was worth the pain,
then, eventually, after it has healed, and time has gone by,
you even forget they are there.

Then someone new comes along,
and you let them see you,
they see your scars,
they want to know how you got them.

When time comes,
you can talk about your wounds with them, and laugh,
you can tell them the stories of how this scar was made,
you can talk about how much this other scar hurt like nothing has ever hurt before.
That is in your past now, you can't feel the pain anymore.

That's when you know.
You are ready for your next adventure!
For the next new thing that will take you out of your comfort zone,
Some choose dares like sky diving,
snow boarding, diving or rock climbing,
some choose leaving everything behind to get to know a new culture.

I choose myself,

I choose....


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